Tiffany Bas-Relief Sculpture of the Angels of the Liturgy


Made in 1942, this gilt and silvered plaque, features eleven angels carrying the instruments of the Catholic Mass, and is encased in a purpose-made walnut box lined with velvet and stamped by the maker, Tiffany and Company. The sculpture was a gift to Thomas G. Hagerty, a Catholic priest based in Brooklyn, and includes two statements in Latin. The first, on the exterior, is from the Book of Proverbs 27: "Qui custos est domini sui glorificabitur" (i.e. He that is the keeper of his master, shall be glorified.") The second, on a plaque below the sculpture, quotes the Apostle Paul describing Christ's role as Redeemer advocate for the sinner: "Victima sacerdotii sui et sacerdos victima sua" (i.e. "He is the Priest and victim of his own sacrifice.")

Dimensions: 10 x 17 x 11 in.

Date: 1942