Anthony's Store

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Anthony's Antiques and Fine Art

Anthony’s is a world-class purveyor of fine art, antiques, & furniture; serving designers, connoisseurs, and colectors all around the world.


"Walking through the front doors of Anthony's is like walking into Narnia— completely awe-inspiring and wonderful. Their collection is vast, and you could get lost for hours looking through all their rooms. Not only do they have beautiful things for purchase but I found the staff to be friendly and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend Anthony's for art and antique lovers!"


"Such an incredible store!! Recently purchased a sculpture here and they delivered and placed it exactly where I wanted it! Very helpful, great customer service, and I had an overall amazing experience!"


"The best way to describe this place is a Wonderland. Seriously, They have a collection of art that would make the queen of England jealous. Art from around the world and from several centuries going back all the way to the 1500's I believe. Micah is amazing and knows the story to almost every piece in the place. When art has a story it becomes so much more than beautiful. I highly recommend that you go check this place out and see for yourself."