Soleil Levant Sur Les Bords De La Durance À Mirabeau, 1865 by Paul Guigou


Guigou created this painting in Pore de la Provence (Rocher de la Baume), France. He studied painting in Apt and later with Émile Loubon in Marseille. Before Cézanne, Guigou was the nineteenth century's greater painter of Provence, proudly regional in his subject matter and reputation. Exhibited at the same Salon where Monet made his debut in 1865, this bold, horizontal landscape opens a vast expanse of sky, still water, and sunbaked earth. Guigou's career was somewhat eclipsed by the Impressionist movement. Norton Simon was the first major collector to rediscover his work in the twentieth century. He died in Paris at the age of 37 from a stroke. After his death, his pieces generally fell from the public eye for around thirty years until the Centennial Exposition of French Art in 1900, where he was rediscovered and considered one of the ten greatest French landscape painters of the nineteenth century.

Oil on Canvas

59 x 26 in.