Parisian Locks in Winter by Gustaf Albert


Gustaf Albert Andersson, artist name Gustaf Albert, later Gustave Albert, was born October 30, 1866 in Eskilstuna and died February 27, 1905 in Paris. He was a Swedish artist known for his landscape painting. Albert worked at a shaving house before he went to Stockholm. There he got to know Herman Norrman and studied for a short time at the Academy of Fine Arts. When Herman Norrman rebelled against the academy, Gustaf Albert accompanied him to Valand's art school, where they studied for Carl Larsson. They both went to New York from 1887–1890 and then to Paris in 1890. Herman Norrman returned to his Småland homeland after a year, while Gustaf Albert decided to stay. He married a Frenchwoman and became a member of the French Academy of Arts. Albert is represented at, among others, the National Museum in Stockholm and the Eskilstuna Art Museum.

Oil on canvas

28.5 x 19.75 in.