Dutch Councilman and Barmaid Mettlach Stein


Mettlach Stein no. 2065 (2.4 Litres)

Etched with inlaid lid

The Villeroy & Boch ceramic company was founded in 1836 in Mettlach, Germany and is internationally known for their production of table wares.

The text, from an 1882 poem by Friedrich Rückert, reads:

“Kannst du trinken, kannst du lieben, thu’s nicht morgen, thu es heut.
Gutes Werk auf Morgen schieben hat schon mancher Thor bereut.”

(If you can drink, if you can love, don’t do it tomorrow, do it today.
Good work postponed until tomorrow has already been repented by many fools.)

Signed by H. Schlitt


15 x 6 inches