Heart of Sorrow by Michael Aaron Hall


Pair with Of Heaven and Earth by Michael Aaron Hall 

I’ve always loved depictions of winged figures in classical art, and I’ve had the desire for a long time to create something myself that was not only classically inspired and beautiful, but something that was moving and that people could connect with in some way. Heart of Sorrow is an allegory of the sadness that God feels for his children. Not because of disappointment or disobedience in any way, but because of the trials and suffering that all mortals have to pass through and endure. It is my hope that when people see this piece and understand what I’m trying to communicate that they will be able to feel a sense of relief in knowing that God is aware of their suffering. It is also my hope that as people see this piece that they will be more compassionate for the suffering of others.

There are two feathers tied around the waist of the figure and one falling down her right side. These feathers are a metaphor about the fact that even though we may feel like we are cast off and of little worth that we are not forgotten. The angel reminds us of this by the fact that she has taken up fallen feathers and cherishes them.

39 x 32 x 17 in.