Historic Document Finally Home

Historic Document Finally Home


Deseret News 

Anthony's Fine Art & Antiques is thrilled to announce the homecoming of a pivotal historical document that marked the conclusion of Utah's 49-year quest for statehood. Signed by President Grover Cleveland on January 4, 1896, this document affirmed the acceptance of Utah as the 45th state in the Union.

This crucial piece of American history was signed concurrently with the Proclamation that created the State of Utah, instructing the Secretary of State to affix the proclamation with the Seal of the United States, thus finalizing Utah's statehood.

Utah's journey to statehood was arduous, involving six petitions to Congress by the Utah Territorial Legislature and culminating in the establishment of a State Constitution in 1895 following the passage of the Enabling Act in 1893. Utah officially became a state on January 4, 1896, with the formal inauguration of its first Governor and state officers occurring on January 6. Due to the harsh winter conditions, official statehood celebrations were delayed until July 4, when the 45th star was added to the American flag.

"We are honored to display this document publicly for the first time in Utah," Dr. Micah. "It’s not just a piece of paper but a testament to Utah’s enduring spirit and its integral role in the broader story of the United States."