"The Old Boat House - Harlem River" by Waldo Park Midgley

  • $14,750.00

In this everyday scene an old, decrepit structure sits in the foreground of the painting, an old boat house on the shore of the Harlem River. Midgley uses thick impasto and impressionistic brush strokes to convey a sense of immediacy and energy. It has a modernist sensibility that would have clashed with the popular romantic, realist style popular at the time, but reflect the fast pace of change in the early 20th century. Signed "Waldo Midgley" in bottom right corner. Measures 22 x 28 inches framed.

Waldo Midgley (1888 - 1985) studied with Mahonri Young in Utah from 1905-1907, but spent most of his productive artistic life in New York City. He arrived in 1907 and gravitated toward members of The Eight, all of whom later became members of the Ashcan School. He became a student of Robert Henri, whom he credited as the most important artist to influence his life, and became friends and colleagues with Arthur Davies, William Glackens, Ernest Lawson, John Sloan and other significant American artists of the time. From 1908, he worked as a sign painter, muralist, and then illustrator designer for companies including the Mannheimer Company and Conde Nast Publications. He was a member of the Salmagundi Club.

14 x 20 in.