Summer Fruit & Crock by Aaron Stills


Aaron A. Stills is an award-winning American artist whose meticulous paintings of humble, household items are inspired by seventeenth-century Dutch masters. His works are meditative, inducing a sense of calm and contemplation.

Largely self-taught, Stills has been painting professionally since 2001 when he was introduced to still life and landscape painting with brief training at the Kings Academy of Art and Salt Lake Art Academy. After spending much of his life as a renowned instructor and performer of “dance orientale,” Stills worked professionally as a floral designer, informing the unique sense of artistic composition found in his paintings.

This professional experience has been inspired by methods from Old Masters and comes together to create works that not only replicate a photographic depiction of the subject, but expand that depiction to a hyper-reality that appears better than life-like. The use of dark and light contracts, mixed with warm and cool tones playing off each other pushes the use of color and light seemingly off the canvas to evoke a feeling of an intimate connection with otherwise everyday objects.

20 x 24 inches

Oil on board