Still Life of Flowers by Edmond Von Coppenolle


Belgian, 1846-1914

21 X 25 1/2 in. 

A picture of spring is depicted in this still life work by Belgian artist Edmond Van Coppenolle (1846 - 1914), a number of plants grouped in pots and baskets, their vibrant greens and bright colours juxtaposed against the foliage not yet in bloom. The work is signed bottom right "E. V. Coppenolle".

Van Coppenolle is best known for his highly detailed, still life floral arrangements that were often painted with a colorful palette, creating compositions with emotion and zest. Van Coppenolle studied art in Paris, learning much from the landscape and still life painter, Ernest Quost (1844-1931). Coppenolle’s work was greatly influenced by the Impressionists, often capturing the softness and beauty of his subject with robust brushwork and a colorful palette.