Snake River Marshes near Jackson, Wyoming by John Fery


Golden light fills the sky, reflecting off pools of water from which deer drink within the marches, as the sun sets in this serene painting by John Fery (1859-1934). The relaxed, broad brushstrokes of this impressive panoramic landscape painting are indicative of the large Western landscape works by artist Fery. Signed lower right "J. Fery". Measures: 

20 ¼ x 36 inches unframed, and 27 ½ x 43 ¼ inches framed. Fery, an Austrian-born artist who immigrated to America in the 1880s, was largely a self-taught artist who was influenced by the school of academic landscape artists, and became well-known for his depictions of the American Northwest as well as his promotional and advertisement work for the Great Northern Railway.