Sledding Hill by Dennis Smith


The embrace of cool air one feels after spending an evening on a snow covered hill can almost be felt in this contemporary painting, Sledding Hill, by American artist Dennis Smith. The colour palette is limited but vibrant. A variety of blues and purples define the fields, slopes and mountain crevices and depict the blanket of snow that covers the roof and treetops. This coolness is sharply juxtaposed with the warmth of pinks and yellows that depict the glow of a setting sun as it highlights the very top of the mountain range in that is the backdrop of the sledding hill. Smith's brushstrokes exhibit a fluidity of motion throughout the piece, providing a sense of lightness and freedom. It is through this relationship of shape and colour that Smith makes his composition spring to life. The work is signed "Dennis Smith '13" in the bottom right corner.

Dennis Smith was born in Salt Lake City in 1942, and raised in Alpine, Utah. His studied at Brigham Young University, graduating in 1966, before enrolling at the Royal Danish Academy at Copenhagen in 1967. Upon his return to Utah in 1968, Smith established an art studio in his father's old chicken-coop. From 1968 to the present, Dennis Smith has been a self-employed sculptor and a part-time instructor in the Art Department of Brigham Young University. Respect and reverence for the American family, from pioneer days to the present, pervade the themes of Dennis Smith’s sculpture. While his sculptural work has garnered recognition, his paintings have also put him on an national platform.

24 x 30 in.