Russian Royal Box in Porcelain, Exotic Woods, and Ormolu


A Neoclassical, late-nineteenth-century box, made for the Russian Royal Court in St. Petersburg. The lock plate is inscribed with the following: " F. Knoop, Fournisseur de la cour de la majeste Timp., St. Petersburg." (F. Knoop, Purveyor of the Royal Court, St. Petersburg.) The ébéniste, Knoop, would have worked in concert with other master craftsmen to create this exquisite box. The box is surmounted by a porcelain plaque in the style of Angelica Kaufmann, featuring two putti in the midst of a bacchanal, the plaque is surrounded by a finely, cold-chased bronze surrounds of grapevines. The case of the box is fruitwood and covered in variety of exotic woods. The interior is lined with satinwood and boxwood. The box itself is in fine condition.

Dimensions: 10 x 25.5 x 17.5 in.

Date: c. 1890