Maidens Carrying Baskets by Eugénie Marie Salanson


French, 1836-1912

A pioneer in art, Eugénie Alexandrine Marie Salanson was the daughter of a provincial tariff collector, who, through talent and hard work was able to study with some of the most admired artists of the era despite women not being allowed to study at official French schools. Salanson found training at the Académie Julian as a pupil of William Adlophe Bouguereau. As a private student of the prestigious academic painter Léon Cogniet, Salanson painted his portrait which was shown at the Paris Salon. 

Salanson used her works to elevate the view of peasant and fisher women, showing them as stately, virtuous and hardworking figures that typified French identity for her generation. As her profile increased, Salason’s works were shown at galleries throughout Europe, in the Exposition Universelle (i.e. World’s Fair), and she was featured in the publication Women Painter of the World (1905), one of the first publications to raise the profile of women artists.

24 x 20 inches