Lot of French Chocolate Moulds


Over the past ten years, Utah is become a recognized center of Chocolate making, with companies like Amano (Provo: https://www.amanochocolate.com/) and Ritual (Park City: http://www.ritualchocolate.com/) dominating wold gourmet confectionary competitions. 

We have been dipping our toes — pun intended — into the world of chocolate and confectionary antiques; testing the idea as to whether or not some of these fine, handcrafted traditional molds, which are in wonderful condition, could find a new home and use.

Among the mold we have are bunnies, roosters, chicks, eggs, fish, and a variety of holiday subjects. If you have an adventurous chef at home, bring them. And, if you make anything with them, please share the results. Prices vary.