Light & Textures (2016) by Aaron Stills


The weight of the ceramic jar and the clarity of the glass bottle; the delicate skin of the red onion and husk of the garlic cloves; the smoother skin of the beets and the coarseness of the fabric draped on the old wooden table - each object evokes a sense of familiarity and an intimacy with simple household objects. Light & Textures represents the aesthetic style for which Aaron Still is known: an painterly style inspired by methods from Old Masters and comes together to create works that not only replicate a photographic depiction of the subject, but expand that depiction to a hyper-reality that appears better than life-like. The work is signed "Aaron Stills" in bottom right.
Largely self-taught, Stills has been painting professionally since 2001 when he was introduced to still life and landscape painting with brief training at the Kings Academy of Art and Salt Lake Art Academy.

20 x 24 in.