L'Etape by E. Charpentier


16 x 22 in. 

Framed: 22 x 28 ½ in. 

Oil on Canvas 

In this nineteenth century work by Eugène Louis Charpentier (French, 1811-1880), residents of a small village are set to work to fix a broken down stage coach. The redcoat soldiers appear to be relaxed, and the villagers welcome to not only fixing the issue at hand, but interacting with the soldiers. There is a simplicity and delicacy to the line of the composition; the scene is painted in a remarkable simplicity, and the slightest expressions is captured in the smallest brushstroke.


Charpentier became renowned for his historical paintings. His 'Pupils of the Ecole Polytechnique at the Battle of Paris, March 30, 1814,' which was exhibited in 1852, is now in the Museum of Boulogne-sur-Mer.