"Let Him Ask of God" by Karalenn Hippen


My testimony and strength have come to me in small layers one at a time, just like the process of creating this piece. I don't know exactly the end picture, but hold an idea and hope in my mind. I start by drawing the very outside layer backwards and cut it out. By looking at that layer I know what the next layer should look like and cut that, and so on. It's not until I see them piled up that I realize it's complete. Even then, I don't know how they will play with the light until I have built the frame and placed a light in. My testimony has grown in layers like this and when I step back having it illuminated by the light of Christ I am filled with gratitude and happiness of the His merciful gift of answered prayers. I know that when I lack wisdom, I can turn to Him with purpose, hope, faith, and a remembrance of times He has been merciful, knowing in full confidence that He will speak to my heart and that He loves me. The deeper I grow and work to build my testimony layers, the closer I come to the source of all light, My loving Father.

My purpose for making this piece is to express an important lesson in my life this past year. The importance and blessings of connecting to heaven each day to gain peace and perspective amidst great trials. My life and relationship with my Father in Heaven is deeper because of the messages of love, guidance, and peace He has given me as I ached in a deeper way than I ever have and turned to Him. As I sketched out ideas all year long trying to create a piece that expressed this, my mind kept returning to that sacred experience in a grove in upstate New York 200 years ago this Spring, where a young man found that when he lacked wisdom, he could ask God and receive personal revelation, just like I have this year as I have turned to the same God.

It's an interesting thing to have your faith built when you don't have all the answers. This piece represents that place where God can reach you, despite doubts, pain, unknowns and feelings of unworthiness, because of the simple truth that when I have humbled myself to leave a space and held a hope of gaining knowledge and trust, He has softened my heart and spoke light to my soul. 

My hope is to communicate that message, stir the heart, and bring remembrance of times individuals have felt that connection too and hope to all who seek it. It is my testimony, my heart, and my desire to break out of the comforts of quiet living and share this with others. Seek and ye shall find.

Cut Paper

18 x 30 x 10 in