Landscape Study in Utah Valley by John Hafen


In this landscape sketch cool shadows creep across the foreground of the painting, laid in juxtaposition to the autumnal palette that depicts the trees and shrubbery at the edge of forest, while a neutral mountain range looms in the background. The brushstrokes are loose and applied quickly, capturing the changing colours and light as the sun begins to set behind the forest. The painting study is signed "John Hafen" in the bottom right corner and the work measures 15 x 19 inches framed. The reverse is marked "John Hafen, Landscape Study in Utah Valley, c. 1907-09". This work was once part of the Springville Museum of Art.

Hafen was born in Switzerland in 1856, and after joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, his family immigrated to Utah, where Hafen developed his painting talents under the tutelage of George Ottinger and Dan Weggeland. In 1890, he and four others were sent to Paris as art missionaries, where they learned the new techniques of landscape painting - a loosening of brush strokes and freer use of color, but also the effects of light on their subjects - and were painting with greater proficiency.

9 ½ x 13 ½ in.