It is Finished (c. 1900) by Claude Charles Bourgonnier


Lit from below, Christ is hauntingly depicted hanging from the cross, his skin sallow and grey in death. Roman soldiers surround the cross at its base, the light from the lantern illuminating their surprised and aghast expressions as they look upon His body. This dramatic scene emerges from the shadowed ground evoking a captivating sense of pause and reflection.

Claude Charles Bourgonnier (1860 - 1921) was a pupil of Cabanel, Jean-François Millet and of Falguière (the sculpter). His works consisted of landscapes, genre scenes but more often opulent nudes, typifying the ideals of La Belle Époque. Bourgonnier regularly exhibited at the Salon from 1881. In 1900 he was conferred a silver medal at the Exposition Universelle de Paris.

c. 1900

100 x 69 in.