Imari-style Japanese Bowl with Gold Detailing


An elaborately decorated Japanese bowl decorated all over in the imari style that is enhanced with hand-painted gold detailing. The exterior of the bowl is painted with landscapes, with a banded view of a screen and blooming tree, which is copied to the interior of the bowl in an alternating pattern with a trellis-pattern cartouche centered with a white crane, all surrounding blue foliate motif with gold detailing. The footer is decorated with a blue line motif on white ground. Measures: 4.5 x 13.5 inches.

Imari pieces are known for their colorful and densely decorated designs of vibrant orange, red, blue and gold on white ground. Imari Porcelain is a type of Japanese porcelain wares that was made in the town of Arita, and exported extensively to Europe through the port of Imari during the mid-17th century through mid-18th century. Export of these wares halted in the late 18th century, but experienced resurgence in the late 19th century in European decor.