Golden October (c. 1930) by Emile Gruppé

  • $19,500.00

According to the artist, this may be the best work he ever did. We’ve had a number of works by Dutch-trained, American artist Emile Gruppé. But, this was the first accompanied by a letter to his client, dated April 23, 1930:
“My dear Mrs. Scott, 
Mr. Beach met me here at my show at the R. Luben Galleires and informed me that you bought my “Golden October.” I consider this one of my best pictures. 
Very Truly Yours,
Emile A. Gruppé”

Gruppé studied at the National Academy (New York), then the Académie de la Grand Chamière (Paris). After establishing an award-winning career painting impressionistic, depression-era landscapes, Gruppé was became influential teacher of several artists, including Otis Cook, Bill Wray, and Nathalie Nordstrand. His work is on view now at Anthonys.

32 x 40 in.