Golden Eagles in Eyrie by Jay Matternes


Matternes is a pre-eminent paleo-ecological artist whose meticulous attention to detail and talent for realistic representations is clearly illustrated in this painting. Working closely with naturalists, scientists, and anthropologists, Matternes spends considerable time researching his subject matter to ensure an accurate rendering. This work was commissioned in 1978 by the Morris Communications Corporation. Matternes produced fifteen small-scale preparatory drawings and a full-size charcoal study; this painting is accompanied by the charcoal study, "Study for Golden Eagles and Chicks". This painting was once in the collection of Dick Bass, the great Texas oil baron and the first man to climb the “Seven Summits,” who had amassed a museum-worthy collection of paintings. Upper right corner signed and dated "Matternes 1978". Measures: 34 x 40 in,  42 x 47 ½ in. when framed.