First Steps (c. 1910) by Carlo Fachinetti


The sun shines gently in through an open window, illuminating a simple, everyday domestic scene unfolding in the living quarters of an Italian family, while the outskirts of the room fall into shadow. At the centre of the composition, a mother gently supports a young child who is learning to stand under their own weight, and is attempting their first steps as they step toward the distraction of a bird just out of reach, which is itself distracted by the feed being laid by an older child. Italian artist Carlo Facchinetti (1870 – 1951), was known to paint similar scenes, which captured the pure, unadulterated happiness of domesticated family life. The work is signed and inscribed 'C Facchinetti Firenze' in the lower right corner.

26 ¾ x 31 ½ in.