Edward Burne-Jones's Pygmalion

An antique sepia reproduction of Pygmalion and the Image (1875 - 1878) by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones (British, 1833 - 1898). Inspired by the poet Ovid's story of Pygmalion, in these three scenes Burne-Jones depicts the sculptor who claimed to be uninterested in women until, having carved a woman out in ivory of such beauty that he fell in love. Having made offerings in the Temple of Aphrodite (i.e. the Goddess of Love), the sculptor returned home, kissed the statue, and, miraculously, it turned into the living woman Pygmalion. The original works by Burne-Jones have now been broken up into private and public collections. This large antique reproduction — made in the 1920s — is framed in oak and placed behind glass.
Framed: 20.75"H x 40.75"W