Dolce Far Niente (1870) attr. to Lord Frederic Leighton

  • $125,000.00

A young woman sits on a gold-detailed lacquered box that is draped in a tiger skin, the soft silk or satin of her clothing drapes delicately over her form, its sheen catching the light. She looks directly out from the composition, her pose languid as she leans forward with an arm resting on her knee and a feather hand fan clasped in her hand: she is captured in a moment of carefree idleness.

The work is attributed to Frederick Leighton (1830 - 1896), an English artist and dominant figure of the Victorian age, his works depicted historical, biblical, and classical subject matter on a large scale, as well as decorative and detailed works later in his career. He enrolled in the Berlin School of art in his early teens, and the following year in an Art Academy in Florence. The Nazarenes and Italian Renaissance painters were considerable early influences to Leighton, as were such contemporaries as Ingres, Delacroix, Corot and Millet, whom he met while studying in Paris. Leighton made his name with Cimabue's Celebrated Madonna is Carried in Procession through the Streets of Florence, which he painted in Rome: it was exhibited at the 1855 Royal Academy exhibition and bought by Queen Victoria. In 1859 he moved to London and was elected an Associate of the Academy in 1864, a full Academician in 1868, and the President of the Royal Academy in 1878.

56 x 43 ½ in.