Charles Tood Rookwood Pottery Purple Floral Vase


Charles Todd (American, 1886-1950) Rookwood pottery vase with crazing matte-purple glaze decorating a flared lip surmounting a long and narrow neck that swells to angular shoulders, which are detailed with carved and painted blue florals and deep green foliage that bleed on to the globular base. Stamped on the base is: "RP XV 453B" and initialed "C.S.T." Measures: 20 x 12 inches.

The back-to-back “R” and “P” surround by flames is the trademark of Rookwood, the “XV” denotes the year of production, 1915, and "453B" refers to the shape number of the vase. Maria Longworth Storer founded Rookwood Pottery in 1880, named for the family's Cincinnati estate. Rookwood was one of the first manufacturing companies in the United States to be founded and headed by a woman. Rookwood pottery was the first American ceramics company to gain recognition for its artistry. After a Rookwood entry won a gold medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1889, the worldview of American ceramics was forever changed.