An Important Eighteenth Century Portrait of George Washington by Trumbull and Cheesman

Dated 1796, this wood engraving of John Trumbull's portrait "General Washington" was made by Trumbull in cooperation with the engraver Thomas Cheesman (American, 1760 - 1834/35). This particular original is remarkably well preserved.

This is a full length portrait engraving of General George Washington on the field at the Battle of Trenton in 1776. Washington is depicted in a dramatic moment of decision the evening before the surprise attack; a powerful image of calm stoicism and decisiveness leadership. The stipple and line engraving, done by Thomas Cheesman (1760- 1834), was based on a painting by John Trumbull that was commissioned by the city of Charleston, South Carolina in 1792 (the original currently hangs at Yale University). Signed "Painted by John Trumbell Esq." and "Engraved by T. Chessman" in bottom left and right corners respectively. John Trumbull was a participant in the American Revolution and a friend of George Washington. After leaving the army, Trumbull studied in the London studio of Benjamin West. Thomas Chessman was an engraver and draughtsman who studied in the studio of Francesco Bartolozzi.

Framed: 34.5" x 27"