The Welsh Farm, 1853 by Sidney Richard Percy


Sidney Richard Percy (British, 1821-1886) was an English landscape painter during the Victorian era, and a member of the Williams family of painters, the Barnes School.

Sidney Richard Percy was the fifth son of the painter Edward Williams (1781-1855) and Ann Hildebrandt (c.1780-1851), and a member of the Williams family of painters, who were related to such famous artists as James Ward, R.A. and George Morland. His father was a well-known landscape artist, who taught him how to paint; otherwise he received no formal instruction. Although his early paintings were signed "Sidney Williams", he used the name "Percy" from the age of 20 onwards to differentiate himself from the other artists in his family. 

Sidney Richard Percy was extremely popular during the early part of his career, which for a short time brought him a fair amount of income. Among his patrons during this time was Prince Albert the Royal consort who in 1854 gave Percy's landscape of A view of Llyn Dulyn, North Wales, which had just been exhibited at the Royal Academy, as a gift to his wife Queen Victoria. This painting still hangs today in the Royal Collection. Unfortunately, Sidney Richard Percy outlived his popularity, and the art world was more excited about impressionism and other styles than landscapes when he died. However, his work is much sought after today, and his better paintings are of higher value than any of those of the Williams family.

43 x 60 inches

Oil on canvas