A Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Conygham after Sir Thomas Lawrence

A hand-colored, nineteenth-century mezzotint portrait of one of England's most influential women, Elizabeth Conyngham (English, 1799 - 1839), after Sir Thomas Lawrence (English, 1769 - 1830).

Currently located in the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon), this portrait of Lady Conygham was commissioned by King George IV. At the time, Thomas Lawrence was considered England's foremost portraitist and Lady Conygham ,shown in pure white and posing between a classic architecture and a harp (i.e. a combination of Grand Tour pomp and English Romanticism) was the Kings mistress and a favorite at Court.

A framed and matted mezzotint of a woman playing a harp in a garden. Signed "E.E. Milner" Lower Right. Framed: 26.75"H x 21.75"W