A Cabinet on Stand featuring Psyche and Cupid

  • $125,000.00

A seventeenth-century princely cabinet-on-stand with twenty eight glass paintings in bright colors; eight of the Italian countryside found behind the central door, and the remaining nineteen paintings — fronting the drawers of the cabinet — depicting the apotheosis of Psyche, her falling in love with cupid and successful trails leading to her immortality. The case of the cabinet is pine, veneered with rich ribboned ebony and luxuriously decorated with gold-backed turtle shell, lapis lazuli, painted gold. The stand dates within 50 years of the cabinet, features ebonized wood with parcel gilt swags, and, along with the cabinet, is consistent with similar pieces made in Naples during the last quarter of the seventeenth century.

Dimensions: 78 x 72 x 21 in.

Date: c. 1690