19th Century Belgian Painting Titled "L'Écrivain Public" (The Notary) by Jean Carolus


Jean Carolus (Belgian 1814-1897) was a prolific Belgian painter who spent the majority of his career painting in France. A protege of François-Joseph Navez, Director of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Carlous was renowned for his depictions of elegantly dressed aristocrats set within meticulously detailed French interiors.

In juxtaposition to the luminous, brightly coloured palette Carolus used to depict the finer interiors of the more well-to-do, as well as the decorated gilt frame in which it is housed, this everyday scene of peasants from the market, standing within the meagre bare bone shop of a rotarian with a young man looking in from the doorway, with its sombre neutral toned palette is a accomplished example of the artist capturing an ordinary moment in time. Signed and dated 1870 lower left.

Framed Dimensions are Height: 38 1/2 Width: 48 Depth: 2 3/4.