19th Century Dutch Globe by Felkl and W.J. Geerling

By Anthonys Fine Art & Antiques


A late nineteenth century Netherlandish globe with a brass meridian ring and horizontal wooden ring with zodiac, month and compass directions, supported within a wooden turned stand with tripod base. The globe is papier mâché and annotated in Dutch. Marked "AARDGLOBE naar de nieuwste Bronnen benoerkst door W. J. Geerling, Te Arnhom, bij, H.A. Tjeenk Willink. Fabrick van J. Felkl & Zoon to Praag. Aard-en Hemelglobes, Planetariums, Tellnriums". From 1860, Felkl produced hand-coloured globes in Prague, which were edited by W.J. Geerling until the early 1900. Measures: 29 x 18 inches.