Sell to Us

Can Anthony's Value My Item?

Yes! We would love to. But need to clarify a few things:

    1. If you are looking for an appraisal for insurance or tax purposes, it needs to be conducted by a qualified appraisal professional. We are happy to refer you to an appraiser in your area or you can peruse the American Society of Appraisers at
    2. If you would like to know what your item is worth or just want more information about it so you may sell it, see below:

    Although we have a very extensive and diverse inventory, we are not experts on everything. Navigate our website and see if the item you have seems to fit with the inventory we offer. We are constantly on the lookout for world-class items in excellent condition

    Example of items we do not typically buy include:

      • Prints or reproductions of any kind, even when signed, numbered, or dated
      • Contemporary art by artists we do not represent
      • Vehicles
      • Dolls or toys, even if vintage
      • Newspapers, magazines, stamps, photographs
      • Household items like sewing machines, glasswares, kitchen items, or typewriters
      • Mechanical objects that are not in working order
      • Silver-plate or incomplete silver sets. 
    Although our buying strategies often change, there are several types of items we are always interested in:
      • Important, original Utah art from the 19th and early 20th Centuries
      • Functional and interesting furniture
      • Designer or brand name furniture or signed decorative items and collectibles (Tiffany, Linke, Steuben, Regina, etc.)

    Submitting Your Items

    If you have an exceptional piece that you think may fit in with our collection, email photos of your items along with a description and dimensions and documentation about the authenticity, history, or provenance of a piece to

    We appreciate your patience in regards to offered items. Please allow up to ten business days for a response to your inquiry.