A 20th Century Bronze Titled Pig and Duck by Mahonri Macintosh Young


Bronze cast forms of a pig and duck , with brown patina, are mounted on a marble base in this Mahonri Macintosh Young (1877 - 1957) figural grouping sculpture. Top of base is incised Mahonri.

Mahonri began his career as a self-taught artist before attending the Art Student's League in New York City in 1899, where he would later return to teach during the Depression. Mahonri was a talented artist in a variety of mediums; he completed approximately 120 sculptures, 300 etchings, 1500 watercolors, more than 100 oil paintings, and thousands of sketches. His monumental public works include This is the Place (Immigration Canyon, Utah) and The Seagull Monument (Salt Lake City, Utah).

8 x 9 x 3 ¼ in.