19th Century Russian Icon of the Week


In this complex and less frequently encountered icon of the week - Sedmitsui is rendered represented by its corresponding festival. Beginning inside the margins at upper left and reading to the right, it begins with the Resurrection (Sunday), then the Assembly of the Archangels (Monday), the Beheading of John the Forerunner (Tuesday), the Annunciation (Wednesday), the Foot Washing (Thursday), and the Crucifixion (Friday). Saturday is depicted as a gathering of All Saints and occupies most of the lower part of the icon. Also shown in this example, starting at top center and moving downward, are Seven Days of Creation, below that Lord Sabaoth Among the Powers, below that the Deisis, and below that The Tree of Paradise, with Adam and Eve shown before the fall (left) and after (right). On the topcentral margin the Hetimasia. The borders depict numerous saints, including (at top) Nicholas and the Three Hierarchs. On the right are The Metropolitans of Moscow, John and Philip, The Holy Leontiy and Ignatiy, The Venerable Zosima and Savatry. On the left are Moscow Metropolitans Peter and Alexi, then Isaiah and Jacob, The Venerable Feodosiy, and Antoniy of Kiev. On the lower margin the Holy Fools Vasily, Maxim, John and Prokopi, and scenes from the life of the Tsar Martyr Dimitriy. In the corners are the four Evangelists.

17.5 inches x 14.75 inches (44.5 x 37.5 cm).

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