Juvenile Builders (1905) by James Taylor "J.T." Harwood


Three young, inquisitive boys gather around a table full of building devices, engineering their imaginative processes and curiosities. This image of these young builders continues the innovative undercurrent found in other works by Harwood that capture youthful activities, such as "The Young Mechanic." But "Juvenile Builders" is strongly built off of the compositional elements in Harwood's work "Boy Carpenters", an image featured in Alice Merrill Horne's book entitled "Devotees and Their Shrines".

In 1899, Alice Merrill Horne, an active civic and cultural mover in 19th century Utah, was elected to the 3rd Utah Legislature with her specific agenda to advance the arts in Utah. Horne authored the landmark bill that created the Utah Arts Institute, thereby establishing the first state-sponsored arts agency in the nation. Her efforts were two-fold – to provide the artists with income, and to enrich the cultural life of the state.

15 ½ x 18 in.