Come, I Will Make You Fishers of Men by Niki Covington


In this high relief sculpture, it is evident that the artist, American artist Niki Covington, possess a deft artistic touch and style that harkens back to the Old Masters, expertly conveying the power of the medium and mastery of the craft. As the artist states: "This sculpture represents symbolically and figuratively through the call of Peter and Andrew, our continual struggle and triumph to forsake all and hearken to the Master. Embedded in the composition are sacred geometries that speak to the reciprocating role of Peter who will take the place of Christ as the leader of the church, as well as ideas that relate to ascension." Signed and dated bottom right corner.

Niki Covington is an American artist working in the classical tradition and works professionally as a painter, sculptor and architect, pursuing a synthesis of the three mediums: ‘un bel composto’. After graduating from Brigham Young University, Covington studied drawing and painting at the Florence Academy of Art. In 2011, he enrolled at the Grand Central Academy of Art where his focus of study was sculpture and classical architecture - fulfilling his search for the remnants of the classical tradition in contemporary art. In 2014, Niki received his Certificate in Classical Architecture at the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, where he taught drawing and master copy. During his academic and professional career, Niki has received numerous grants and awards that have allowed him to pursue study in the US and Europe. Covington has taught drawing, artistic anatomy and ecorche at Brigham Young University, The Center for Academic Study, Hein Academy of Art, and at the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art in New York. He currently teaches and studies at the Beaux-Arts Academy in Salt Lake City.