A Pair of Imari Vases from the Estate of F.D. Roosevelt

By Anthonys Fine Art & Antiques


Two large and matching Japanese Imari baluster vases with covers, from the estate of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, listed as item number "506" in the auction catalogue. A golden pair of kissing koi fish surmount the octangular-edged lid of the baluster shaped body, both pieces decorated with blue-ground panels of intricately hand painted floral patterns. The central image on the body of the vase is of flowers overflowing an urn on a white ground panel, which is elaborately bordered. The decoration of the form is further enhanced by teal-coloured glaze details, and cartouches of flying phoenixes, butterflies, and dragons. Imari pieces are known for their colorful and densely decorated designs of vibrant rusty orange-red, blue and gold on white ground. Imari porcelain is a type of Japanese porcelain wares that was made in the town of Arita, and exported extensively to Europe through the port of Imari during the mid-17th century through mid-18th century. Export of these wares halted in the late 18th century, but experienced resurgence in the late 19th century in European decor.

Dimensions: 30.5 x 15 x 15 in.

Date: 1920