Allard & Sandoz Swiss Music Box


A large Allard & Sandoz Swiss music box made from rosewood and sitting on a table with brass inlay. Includes three drawers holding 10 large interchangeable cylinders and nine bells.

Dimensions: 56" W x 33.25" D x 41.25" H

Cylinders include hymns "Nearer my God To Thee", "Rock of Ages", "Crown him Lord of All", "Abide with me", "Holy, Holy, Holy", "Onward Christian Soldiers", "Swanee River", "Listen Mock Bird", "No Place Home", "My Count t'is Thee", "Star Spangled Banner", "Funeral March", "Wedding March", "End of Wedding March", "Auld Lang Syne", and "Toreadore". These songs are listed on a small piece of paper found inside the machine (note: that there are many more additional unidentified songs, each 16" cylinder has 8 to 10 songs).