Affection by Hugues Merle


Hugues Merle (French, 1823-1881) was much acclaimed during his own life-time for his highly finished depictions of family life, historical subjects and the emotions of the less fortunate French-notably working women.

Merle was most often associated with his friend and rival, William Bouguereau. In fact, it was at the urging of their mutual friend and art dealer, Durand-Ruel, that Bouguereau took up Merle's highly successful theme of familial love and built a solid reputation with the Salon entries from 1847 and awards during the 1860's.

Later Merle and Bouguereau found employment with Goupil, and Merle became the teacher of Bouguereau's wife, Elizabeth Gardner.

32 x 26 in.

Oil on canvas