Virtuosic Full-relief Mahogany Sculpture of The Abduction of Europa


A detailed, multi-figural sculpture of The Abduction of Europa by Paolo Veronese (1528 - 1588), the Venetian artist who originally painting the scne for the Duchal Palace. Sometimes called the "Rape of Europa," Veronese's version is not a violent act; but, rather, a celebratory send off as the beautiful Europa — the Continent's namesake — is helped by friends and family onto a white bull. The bull is the God Zeus in disguise. In the myth, he takes Europa to the island of Crete and makes her Queen of the island. Traditionally, the work has represented the union of families in marriage or of foreign cultures making peace. This version of the work, made by the sculptor Luigi Bonfanti Gringnasco, is faithful to the original, with remarkable attention to detail and mastery of the human form.

Dimensions: 25.75 x 32.75 in.

Date: c. 1880