A Cloisonne Enamel 'Dragon and Phoenix' Charger on Ornate Wooden Stand


A beautiful Chinese cloisonne enamel plate with shaped petaled edge with a stylized decorated rim that borders the black-ground central medallion, upon which is a brightly decorated phoenix and dragon in flight amongst gilt-painted clouds contesting a flaming pearl. The reverse of the plate is painted a bright cerulean blue and decorated with a repeating pattern of gilt-painted flowers. The plate edge and foot are rimmed in gold enamel. The dragon, together with the phoenix which is also the leader of all winged creatures, represents marital bliss. When the two animals face each other, they convey the message of a happy reunion and good omen. The dragon and phoenix motif is full of auspicious connotation, and vessels decorated with two of the most important mythical animals in Chinese tradition are typically made as wedding gifts. Plate itself is 15.25 in diameter

Dimensions: 21 x 14.5 x 8.5 in.