My Favorite Thing Contest

  • By Tage Rinehart

My Favorite Thing Contest

Since we saw such a great success with the Creativity Quarantine Contest, we wanted to continue the trend with a new contest for the next month. This one however, anyone can participate in regardless of creative talent. 

Often the objects in Anthony’s have — in addition to their intended use or beauty — fascinating personal stories. Now, perhaps more than ever, we are living with objects that shape our interior lives. Whether it is a photograph, family heirloom, childhood toy, souvenir, or work of art, they are touch stones to memories and identity. 

Over the next month (May 18th - June 15th), we are encouraging people to share an object on Instagram or Facebook that is important to you. Each week, we’ll randomly choose from the people who have shared something, and send them a book from our collection.

1.Take a picture of the object. (It doesn’t have to be valuable or important to anyone else but you.)

2.In a few sentences tell us what it is and why it is important to you.

3.Tag us @anthonysfineart and with the tag #AFAAMyFavoriteThing 

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